The Tiger Lily

Hat and Twirl

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Woven Leather Belt | Thrifted
Leather Cutout Wingtip Ankle Boots | ModCloth
Brass Tree of Life Necklace | Made it myself.
Wide Brimmed Straw Hat | Target (for 5 bucks on clearance, I might add.)

“Tiger Lily”

by Walter Adolphe Roberts (1878-1962)

“GRAY are the gardens of our Celtic lands,
Dreaming and gray,
Tended by the devotion of pale hands,
On barren crags, or by disastrous sands […]
Scarcely one understands that regal, rare,
Bravely the tiger lily blossoms there,
Bravely apart […]

"Bravely the tiger lily blossoms there..."


We do not long for tropic pageantry,
Yet surge with love to see
The tiger lily’s muted ecstasy.
Watered by mist and lashed by wind-blown rime,
She is no alien thing; but vivid, free […]

 IMG_0942IMG_0995The tiger lily's muted ecstasy


It is in vain they worship her who knows
Pity nor pride.
Their petals WHIRL down every wind that goes
South to the palms or northward to the snows,
Mourning they died
So distant from her side.
But the brave tiger lily blossoms on,
Never to be undone.”

Never to be undone...


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