Sibling Style: Back to School, Winter Edition

Sibling Style: Back to School, Winter Edition

On John:
Gray Waffle Knit Sweatshirt | Gap
Mint Green Shirt | J. Crew
Jeans | Gap
Gray Sneakers | ASOS
On Allison:
Striped Shirt | Thrifted
High-waisted Button-up Shorts | Urban Outfitters
Sweater Tights | Forever 21
Maroon Suede Loafers | Target
Lined Knit Cardigan | Target
Necklace | I made it myself.

All night study sessions and early morning classes, necessitating coffee pitstops in the mid afternoon. Brown-bagging it for lunch, braving the cafeteria, or splurging at some local eatery. Hours of in-library information downloading into one’s memory bank and paper-writing for days and days and days. So many variant social scenes. People trying to be unique by fitting in. People trying to prepare the way for their futures with books, exams, professor recommendations. Everyone is there for different reasons and yet each is there to work closer towards that final degree. Where will you begin? Who are you becoming? And what will you do when it all ends?

School’s back in session for the COLLEGE KIDS.

My little bro is a junior now. I remember those days, although my collegiate experience was vastly different, as I attended a private college in the backyard of the sticks; whereas, John’s braving the urban city scape for his degree. I lived in a dorm; he commutes. Really, the differences are near endless, but there are similarities.

One similarity is that in college, most students are beginning to come into their own, if they haven’t blossomed already into the adult they’ll be for the majority of their lives. Another difference between our schools, however, is that my bro’s state school is WAY bigger, and the cross-section of diversity is so much greater, which is apparent when you simply walk through the crowded campus courtyard during the semester. The clothes! Everyone is making a statement, and most of them are conscious of the statement they’re making about themselves—who they are, who they are becoming. I love it!

Well, here we are, John and I, just like everyone, communicating about ourselves by the way the walk, talk, and dress.

IMG_1638Looks like we got a mathematician up in this parking garage, yo.



Bro And Sis






Tree Leaners

So, we’re gonna kick this semester’s boo-tay. Basically.
Welcome, Students!









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