My Style in the Woods with Hart Crane

An Outing with Hart Crane

Military Style Jacket | Forever 21
Cardigan | Target
Cream Bolo Blouse | Forever 21
Skirt | Target
Sweater Tights | Forever 21
Socks | ModCloth
Boots | Target
Tiny Book Bag | Urban OutfittersReading Hart Crane
Photos by Amber Butler

Some days, you just have to find a quiet place and make it your own, even if only for an hour.

Personal style is more than just about what we wear. It’s about how we live. One of my favorite occupations is reading and, therefore, learning.


A facile mind is one that is always ready to learn from one’s surroundings and experiences. However, I’ve noticed that there’s more to mental acuity than just a willingness to learn. Going (sometimes far) out of one’s way to seek knowledge and understanding is also vital. One way I try to do this is by reading. Whether I read, as Thomas De Quincey puts it, the “literature of knowledge”—such as textbooks or manuals—or the “literature of power”—poetry, novels, etc.—, we ought to seek the counsel of the wise whose documented words can give us a larger understanding of the world around us.

Don’t just read words. Read meanings.

-Dr. Ruth Kantzer, my great aunt

I haven’t made enough time for all the fascinating stories and ideas found within my library—all the meanings to be found. But I hope to do better. It’s a goal of mine. Maybe I’ll post my reading list here soon…

For now, however, here’s some photos of an afternoon jaunt in the woods with Mr. Hart Crane and with my photographer: the one and only Amber Butler! Isn’t she awesome?!Reading in Style

Cute Boots


Throwing Stones


A Look over the Bridge

A Quiet Reading Spot


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