A Winter Beach Tripping We Go

Jacket & Jeans | Pacific Sunwear Outlet
Striped Sweater | Forever 21
Chambray Button-down | Forever 21
Sneakers | H&M
Owl Necklace | I can’t really remember, unfortunately

Lovely Water

 To the beach for a mini winter vacation we went. However, the weather was in the high forties and was even colder in the wind! Too cold to swim or sunbathe, for sure. However, we did get to stay in the most lovely little B&B: The Original Romar House, which is the oldest building in Orange Beach. It’s a cute little B&B inn, run by the most darling couple (Deborah and Greg), owned by the funniest fellow (Jerry), and located on the gorgeous white sands of Orange Beach, Alabama. 

It's so cold, but I'm so smiley!

I was freezing but happy, as you can see.

Me, Sitting on the Romar Boardwalk

That’s the Original Romar House in the background of the photo above—the cute little yellow and green house—and in the photo below. It looks sooooo teensy weensy next to the huge buildings around it. But it has WAY more personality, we decided, than a ginormous hotel.

Original Romar B&B

On the BoardwalkAnd the Romar House has its own private boardwalk to the beach! Can’t really beat that.

Closeup Outfit Details

I may not have been able to wear my cute bathing suit or shorts, but I did manage to pull in a nautical theme, quite by accident. I actually bought the jacket and jeans that I’m wearing at an outlet mall, near the beach, because I didn’t bring a weather-appropriate outfit. I guess I just assumed that all beaches are warm all the time. Ha.

Orange Beach

Hello, there.

H&M Skimmers

Gorgeous Water

About to Chase a Seagull

Chasing Seagulls

I’m guilty: I chased the seagulls. It was too much fun to resist!

Beach Jumper
Shadow People KissAnd here are the shadow people: the photographer, Trent M., and myself.


Cartwheeling is quite enjoyable.

Stripey Striped

That’s me, acting as if I’m not cold without my jacket on. I’m not very good at acting.


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