Morning Coffee

Outfit of the Day

Hat | Thrifted
Stacked Arrows Necklace | Forever 21
Scooped, Striped Tee | Pac Sun
Skirt | Target
Woven Leather Belt | Thrifted
Socks | Urban Outfitters (in the guys’ section, actually)
Canvas Ankle Boots | Forever 21

COFFEE is my morning elixir.

It just takes that first sip. An awakening. The colors in the world are clearer, brighter. A panacea for my sleepy-morning mental fog. A few more sips. Then, the haze clears, mostly. Ha. I could be a Folger’s commercial, for real, except that I do not prefer that stuff. Also, I cannot act to save a kitten. It’s terrible.

Morning Coffee

I am a creature who loves routine and order. Morning coffee is one of my routines. Unfortunately, however, I find little order or routine in my current days. No two days alike, I am striving to find my rhythm in a world unaccustomed to the beat of my unique heart and mind.

We all are unique, aren’t we? Don’t try that whole “if everyone’s different then no one is” business. While there may be “nothing new under the sun,” there was most certainly someone new under the sun with each birth and breath of new life. We may all be humans with things in common, which I personally think is great, but we are also each individuals, which is also great.

So, let’s be ourselves, shall we? I know I shall. I might even break a few rules, like wearing socks from the dude’s section of the store.

Sassy Face

Shoes + Scrunched Socks

Detail Shot

A Twirling I Go!

A-SmmetryAs an aside, I totally took all these photos on my own for this post, so hopefully they’re up to par. =)
Have a lovely night!


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