Near the End of Winter and Wine

Outfit Details

Floral Peter Pan Collar Dress | ModCloth
Rosette Cardigan | Target
Bird in Tree Necklace | Target
Socks | ModCloth
Boots | ModCloth
Lace Hair Brooch | Charming Charlies
Lipstick | “Wine Not” by Revlon

The weather is letting me know that it’s almost time for winter to go. This means that my wine colored lipstick is probably on its way out, too, as my skin gets darker so easily. I only wear it when I feel like setting a major contrast in tones.

Besides all that, today is one of those days where I’m playing an interminable game of catch-up. You know what I mean? I mean, spring is almost here already! I can feel it in the sunshine, even while the edge of winter blasts a reminder that spring is not yet here through an occasional gust of sharp, cold wind. I actually am glad when I feel that cold reminder that it’s still wintertime. Who would have thought I’d like the cold? I’m more of an aborigine than an eskimo, really. Meaning, I like warm weather better than cold. Nevertheless, I have NOT finished all that I’ve wanted to accomplish before spring sings its lovely warm and flowery song! O, well.

Time for a Close-up

You can probably tell that I like ModCloth and Target a lot. Lots of elements in my wardrobe comes from these two places. This wine-colored lipstick actually came from Target too. It is a nice late winter part of my wardrobe. It contrasts nicely with my winter skin. Probably would with anyone’s winter colors, really.We used to pretend.

In the Sunshine



This is probably one of my favorite necklaces. The bird swings from the cute little winter tree. It’s adorable; although, one of my friends calls it my “broccoli necklace,” which is funny. So, either way, it definitely adventures around with me a lot, from its perch around my neck.




In the Middle

Waist Below

In a Woodsy Plain


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