Sibling Style: Spring Break Edition

WOV - R2 - Us in Sunshine

On John:
Shirt | J. Crew
Cardigan | Thrifted
Khakis | Club Monaco
Socks | GAP
Sneakers | ASOS
On Allison:
Cardigan | Target
Double Breasted Day-dress | Mod Cloth
Belt | Thrifted
Tights | Francesca’s
Striped Canvas Loafers | Urban Outfitters
Bracelet | Charming Charlie’s

HERE we are again for another Sibling Style adventure. It’s John’s spring break from college, so we traveled up to see our older brother and sister-in-law in North Carolina for the week. It’s quite gorgeous up here—not yet the weather for shorts or tight-less legs (for me) like we were hoping, but it’s still quite pleasant.

These photos were taken while our older brother and sister-in-law were at work. We galavanted around town and found this pretty park around magic hour.

WOV - WallOur middle brother (I know, there’s a few of us), Joshua, took the photos. He did a great job! I’m pretty sure that was his first time using an SLR not on the auto setting. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself! WOV - Walking

WOV - Swing

WOV - SunflareWOV - 12.03.20 - John David and Detail

WOV - Jump Final

WOV - DapperThis is John’s “model stance.” He’s so hot right now. =P

WOV - R2 - Cross Process

WOV - 12.03.20 - Allison and Detail
WOV - R2 - Allison in Sunshine

WOV - R2 - Labrynth

There was a sort of random labyrinth at the park. We’re not sure of it’s purpose. Perhaps its waist-high walled pathways are meant to puzzle shorter folk, but it was still an interesting place for us taller explorers.

WOV - R2 - Dirt Road


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