I’ll call him Ishmael.

Alley in the Square

Shirt | Express Men
Shorts | Urban Outfitters
Pointelle Socks | Target
Shoes | Traffic
Purse | Charming Charlie’s
Heart Necklace | Target


Today I’ve begun my spring-to-summer reading list with a literary classic that all well-educated or, at least, all English literature majors should read at some point in life: Moby-Dick or, The Whale. It’s one of those books that has graced my personal library for years longer than I’ve actually had the desire to pick it up. However, for whatever reason, it’s time.

It’s the perfect book to read outside (with my Merriam-Webster dictionary app, of course), so the warm weather will provide the perfect setting to go on an adventure with a fellow called “Ishmael.”


Besides sidling up to Melville’s classic for a little adventure, my bro Joshua and I galavanted around town for a little while to shoot this post. I went for a rather simple, classic look because of this strange hot-then-cold-in-no-time weather. It’s too hot in the daytime to wear long sleeves, so what’s better than a long sleeve shirt that’s made to be rolled? I have to admit that this shirt was stolen from my little brother’s closet. He’s got such great taste. These high-waisted, pleated UO shorts are great, but they require a shirt with a little volume to it; otherwise, my upper-register looks disproportional to my lower one. So, here’s my take on menswear, as worn in the fickle springtime.

Also, as an aside, I promise, I do own an iron, and I did iron my outfit before I wore it; however, life is a wrinkly game, apparently.



Shoulder Shot

Detail Mid Shot

Against the Wall


Photos in this post are taken by Joshua M.


2 thoughts on “I’ll call him Ishmael.

  1. Hey! Just saw this amazing look of yours! It is fantastic outfit! I am interested that you used a tag of “menswear”! Really, really love it!

  2. What a beautifully put -together Spring ensemble! The shorts look comfy soft but it is the knee socks that steal the show.

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