Suspended in Mime


Shirt | Ann Taylor (Thrifted)
Suspenders | Stole/borrowed ’em from my feller.
Necklace | Forever XXI
Shorts | Urban Outfitters
Socks | Forever XXI
Shoes | GAP

IMG_3272 Sure, I really like high-waisted shorts and tall socks and red lips. It’s kind of a given. However, the best part about this outfit is that it cost about thirty dollars in total. Everything you see was either on some ridiculous sale or thrifted, accumulated over years of time, all converging for the first time in this outfit. I don’t usually wear mostly black and white, but the gray undertone from my socks ground this outfit it a little, and the little pop of red help one’s eyes lift themselves out of those never-ending stripes. Plus, it’s just a fun outfit to wear! Enough said, for it’s time to let the photos (taken by Joshua M.) speak for themselves! IMG_3275










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