My name is Allison E. M.
I live in the outskirts of bustling Atlanta and work at a job that pays the bills but does not satisfy my natural creative faculties. Thus, with an avid interest in vintage fashion, photography, and clothing design, I armed myself with the idea to create Ways of Vesture, which is meant to challenge me creatively in both the development and documentation of my personal style.


Style. We all have it. It about more than just what we wear. It’s about all of the tiny decisions we make, which comprise the larger picture of how we live our lives.

I’ll admit: each person’s unique style may not be the most important element of his/her life; however, style IS intrinsic to living. No matter how one’s style is acquired or how much thought is behind it, we all have a style that comes from a sometimes inaudible conversation between one’s personal taste and cultural influence.

This particular conversation is a fascination for me. It is also a joy, a passion, an art. Join me in this conversation with Ways of Vesture—a blog that chronicles the ways I choose to express myself  within a world that is constantly influencing me.

From the clothes I design to the way I express myself in others’ designs, all set in the interesting world around me, each post should further express my personal style as it develops along with myself.


Unless otherwise noted, the photography is taken by myself. My handsome feller, Trent M also helps out frequently. Aren’t we just adorable?


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