Winds Won’t Deter the Light

Outfit Details

Jacket | Target
Dress | Forever XXI
Woven Leather Belt | Flea Market
Canvas Boots | Forever XXI

My little brother (well, he’s in his 20’s) and I stopped by the side of the road to take these photos after our brunch date today. It wasn’t exactly the best time of day for photography—what with harsh noontime sun. However, the weather was exhilarating: warm and sunshiny, yet cold in the wind. Looking back over the photos we took, the mood and setting remind me of Emily Dickinson’s poem “A light exists in Spring.” I would elaborate, but I think I’ll just let the poet speak today:

“A light exists in Spring
Not present on the year
At any other period.
When March is scarcely here


A color stands abroad
On solitary hills
That science cannot overtake,
But Human Nature feels.


It waits upon the Lawn;
It shows the furthest Tree
Upon the furthest Slope we know;
It almost speaks to me.


Then, as Horizons step,
Or Noons report away,
Without the Formula of sound,
It passes and we stay —


A quality of loss
Affecting our Content
As Trade had suddenly encroached
Upon a Sacrament.”





Near the End of Winter and Wine

Outfit Details

Floral Peter Pan Collar Dress | ModCloth
Rosette Cardigan | Target
Bird in Tree Necklace | Target
Socks | ModCloth
Boots | ModCloth
Lace Hair Brooch | Charming Charlies
Lipstick | “Wine Not” by Revlon

The weather is letting me know that it’s almost time for winter to go. This means that my wine colored lipstick is probably on its way out, too, as my skin gets darker so easily. I only wear it when I feel like setting a major contrast in tones.

Besides all that, today is one of those days where I’m playing an interminable game of catch-up. You know what I mean? I mean, spring is almost here already! I can feel it in the sunshine, even while the edge of winter blasts a reminder that spring is not yet here through an occasional gust of sharp, cold wind. I actually am glad when I feel that cold reminder that it’s still wintertime. Who would have thought I’d like the cold? I’m more of an aborigine than an eskimo, really. Meaning, I like warm weather better than cold. Nevertheless, I have NOT finished all that I’ve wanted to accomplish before spring sings its lovely warm and flowery song! O, well.

Time for a Close-up

You can probably tell that I like ModCloth and Target a lot. Lots of elements in my wardrobe comes from these two places. This wine-colored lipstick actually came from Target too. It is a nice late winter part of my wardrobe. It contrasts nicely with my winter skin. Probably would with anyone’s winter colors, really.We used to pretend.

In the Sunshine



This is probably one of my favorite necklaces. The bird swings from the cute little winter tree. It’s adorable; although, one of my friends calls it my “broccoli necklace,” which is funny. So, either way, it definitely adventures around with me a lot, from its perch around my neck.




In the Middle

Waist Below

In a Woodsy Plain

Morning Coffee

Outfit of the Day

Hat | Thrifted
Stacked Arrows Necklace | Forever 21
Scooped, Striped Tee | Pac Sun
Skirt | Target
Woven Leather Belt | Thrifted
Socks | Urban Outfitters (in the guys’ section, actually)
Canvas Ankle Boots | Forever 21

COFFEE is my morning elixir.

It just takes that first sip. An awakening. The colors in the world are clearer, brighter. A panacea for my sleepy-morning mental fog. A few more sips. Then, the haze clears, mostly. Ha. I could be a Folger’s commercial, for real, except that I do not prefer that stuff. Also, I cannot act to save a kitten. It’s terrible.

Morning Coffee

I am a creature who loves routine and order. Morning coffee is one of my routines. Unfortunately, however, I find little order or routine in my current days. No two days alike, I am striving to find my rhythm in a world unaccustomed to the beat of my unique heart and mind.

We all are unique, aren’t we? Don’t try that whole “if everyone’s different then no one is” business. While there may be “nothing new under the sun,” there was most certainly someone new under the sun with each birth and breath of new life. We may all be humans with things in common, which I personally think is great, but we are also each individuals, which is also great.

So, let’s be ourselves, shall we? I know I shall. I might even break a few rules, like wearing socks from the dude’s section of the store.

Sassy Face

Shoes + Scrunched Socks

Detail Shot

A Twirling I Go!

A-SmmetryAs an aside, I totally took all these photos on my own for this post, so hopefully they’re up to par. =)
Have a lovely night!

A Winter Beach Tripping We Go

Jacket & Jeans | Pacific Sunwear Outlet
Striped Sweater | Forever 21
Chambray Button-down | Forever 21
Sneakers | H&M
Owl Necklace | I can’t really remember, unfortunately

Lovely Water

 To the beach for a mini winter vacation we went. However, the weather was in the high forties and was even colder in the wind! Too cold to swim or sunbathe, for sure. However, we did get to stay in the most lovely little B&B: The Original Romar House, which is the oldest building in Orange Beach. It’s a cute little B&B inn, run by the most darling couple (Deborah and Greg), owned by the funniest fellow (Jerry), and located on the gorgeous white sands of Orange Beach, Alabama. 

It's so cold, but I'm so smiley!

I was freezing but happy, as you can see.

Me, Sitting on the Romar Boardwalk

That’s the Original Romar House in the background of the photo above—the cute little yellow and green house—and in the photo below. It looks sooooo teensy weensy next to the huge buildings around it. But it has WAY more personality, we decided, than a ginormous hotel.

Original Romar B&B

On the BoardwalkAnd the Romar House has its own private boardwalk to the beach! Can’t really beat that.

Closeup Outfit Details

I may not have been able to wear my cute bathing suit or shorts, but I did manage to pull in a nautical theme, quite by accident. I actually bought the jacket and jeans that I’m wearing at an outlet mall, near the beach, because I didn’t bring a weather-appropriate outfit. I guess I just assumed that all beaches are warm all the time. Ha.

Orange Beach

Hello, there.

H&M Skimmers

Gorgeous Water

About to Chase a Seagull

Chasing Seagulls

I’m guilty: I chased the seagulls. It was too much fun to resist!

Beach Jumper
Shadow People KissAnd here are the shadow people: the photographer, Trent M., and myself.


Cartwheeling is quite enjoyable.

Stripey Striped

That’s me, acting as if I’m not cold without my jacket on. I’m not very good at acting.

My Style in the Woods with Hart Crane

An Outing with Hart Crane

Military Style Jacket | Forever 21
Cardigan | Target
Cream Bolo Blouse | Forever 21
Skirt | Target
Sweater Tights | Forever 21
Socks | ModCloth
Boots | Target
Tiny Book Bag | Urban OutfittersReading Hart Crane
Photos by Amber Butler

Some days, you just have to find a quiet place and make it your own, even if only for an hour.

Personal style is more than just about what we wear. It’s about how we live. One of my favorite occupations is reading and, therefore, learning.


A facile mind is one that is always ready to learn from one’s surroundings and experiences. However, I’ve noticed that there’s more to mental acuity than just a willingness to learn. Going (sometimes far) out of one’s way to seek knowledge and understanding is also vital. One way I try to do this is by reading. Whether I read, as Thomas De Quincey puts it, the “literature of knowledge”—such as textbooks or manuals—or the “literature of power”—poetry, novels, etc.—, we ought to seek the counsel of the wise whose documented words can give us a larger understanding of the world around us.

Don’t just read words. Read meanings.

-Dr. Ruth Kantzer, my great aunt

I haven’t made enough time for all the fascinating stories and ideas found within my library—all the meanings to be found. But I hope to do better. It’s a goal of mine. Maybe I’ll post my reading list here soon…

For now, however, here’s some photos of an afternoon jaunt in the woods with Mr. Hart Crane and with my photographer: the one and only Amber Butler! Isn’t she awesome?!Reading in Style

Cute Boots


Throwing Stones


A Look over the Bridge

A Quiet Reading Spot

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