Sibling Style: Back to School, Winter Edition

All night study sessions and early morning classes, necessitating coffee pitstops in the mid afternoon. Brown-bagging it for lunch, braving the cafeteria, or splurging at some local eatery. Hours of in-library information downloading into one’s memory bank and paper-writing for days and days and days. So many variant social scenes. People trying to be unique […]

Great Expectations

This NEW YEAR has begun in a rainy fashion. The weather is a ready topic of conversation for anyone because it affects us all, informing the way we drive, altering our moods, influencing what we choose to wear, changing how we spend our time. There are things that bind us all together while declaring our […]

Easy Elegance

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci Some days I just want to step out of the house and make looking like a million bucks seem effortless. There’s an Italian word for this idea: Sprezzatura. It’s an air of nonchalance toward something that is full of “chalance.” Or, as Castiglione says himself about […]

The Tiger Lily

“Tiger Lily” by Walter Adolphe Roberts (1878-1962) “GRAY are the gardens of our Celtic lands, Dreaming and gray, Tended by the devotion of pale hands, On barren crags, or by disastrous sands […] Scarcely one understands that regal, rare, Bravely the tiger lily blossoms there, Bravely apart […] We do not long for tropic pageantry, […]